Kim Watt | Thimble Hill Nursery

Nelson BC

Kim Watt | Thimble Hill Nursery

Kim Watt moved with her young family to a one and a quarter-acre rocky hillside north of Nelson BC in 2016.  Through various types of soil-building wizardry she is now the proud owner of a plant nursery and small farm.

Since its inception, Thimble Hill Nursery has focused on food forest crops, edible and useful perennials, and plants and trees that function well in a multi-storey system in the inland rainforest climate of the West Kootenays.  Kim is a passionate food producer, educator, and orchardist.  She knows about the relationships between plant roots and arbuscular mycorrhizae and can multi-graft fruit trees in directions that you never thought of.

In this wide-ranging chat, Robin Mercy talks to Kim about local food systems, sheet mulching, king stropharia mushrooms, ducks, and more.

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Video Interview

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